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In the town of Alsace a little boy came to be.

In the town of Strasbourg, just along the Rhine River, you find yourself in Alsace that borders both Germany and Switzerland. It is in that place that a little boy came to be. A boy named Bertin of the family “Linger”, a long line of master chefs and bakers.

He started helping his grandfather

in their local “Boulangerie”, coming up with his own recipes from time to time.

Bertin met Selena

On a random sunny morning, one that seemed like any other day, 18-year old Bertin was baking hard as usual when she came into the shop Selena. Long black hair, green eyes that sparkled and lit up the whole room.

Selena’s favorite Pain Perdu

She couldn’t take her eyes off the piece of “Pain Perdu” that was sitting elegantly under the counter glass.

Selena moved to Spain

A month went by and she would come every day and order the same piece of “Pain Perdu”. Bertin made it his mission to perfect its recipe.

Bertin packed his bags and followed her to Marbella.

Bertin was waiting for Selena’s arrival, which usually occurred around noon. But Selena did not show. Same thing happened the next day and the day after that. As destiny would have it, Selena had moved back to her hometown in Spain.

Bertin opened a bistro in Andalusia

Without thinking twice, Bertin packed his bags and followed her to Andalusia. There, he opened his first bistro boulangerie and spent every day waiting for Selena to walk through his doors.


Unfortunately, something else was faster to walk through Bertin’s life: war. As duty called, he was drafted to serve his country and joined the navy.

Selena married his best friend

He counted the days and upon his return he was full of confidence that his sweetheart was waiting for him. He learned to his dismay that Selena had fallen in love and married his best friend.

Bertin decided to leave Andalusia and never come back!

He organized a small farewell before his departure. As the perfect gentleman he is, he invited Selena to an intimate dinner on the beach, where he cooked her favorite dish, a seafood paella. For dessert, he made her beloved “Pain Perdu”.

He met Esmeralda in the time of war

He decided to leave Spain and never come back. During his time at war, he had met a beauty called Esmeralda. He thus decided to find her.

Went to Morocco

The next morning, he set sail across the strait of Gibraltar to Morocco, in pursuit of Esmeralda. Bertin had stumbled into a cute little hole in the wall restaurant, a family place whose specialty was “Tajjines”; the most delicious “Tajjines” he had ever tasted. Esmeralda was working there that night to help out her parents.

Open the first Bertin Restaurant

Three wonderful months later, the couple was married. They proceeded to rent a simple, yet elegant restaurant, off a cliff overlooking the sea. Every night, just as the first customers would come in, Bertin would take a second to himself to gaze into the Costa del Sol, and he swore he could smell his grandfather’s “Tarte Flambée” all the way from Alsace.
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Get ready to enter a world you’ve never experienced before.

a taste of alsace

Pack up your bags, you’re taking a trip to Alsace, circa 1930, and no, we did not build a time machine.

Step onto the beautiful marble tiled floor, sit on the most delicate leather upholstery and enjoy the most delicious desserts on a beautifully crafted marble table. An Alsatian bistro you can call home, the perfect place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a freshly baked Bertin Pain Perdu.

The menu offers a wide range of dishes, all the while keeping the touch of the classic bistro fare. No haute, snotty cuisine; just your favorite dish Maman would’ve made you on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
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Andalusian lounge

Feeling like something different? Travel up the stairs, from the bistro to the stylish Andalusia lounge, where you will enjoy a selection of Spanish tapas, modern tagines and more of Bertin’s signature dishes. Pick a cozy table inside a lounge or grab a comfortable seat on the terrace, wherever you sit we will make sure you feel home.
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